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Estate Planning and Post-Death Administration

Estate Planning

Estate planning requires addressing complicated and sensitive issues.  Accordingly, it is essential to address these issues with concerned and competent legal counsel.  The Firm’s attorneys have the experience to provide advice and representation to individuals and families in all areas of estate planning, including:

  • Estate planning focusing on both tax and non-tax concerns, including utilization of living trusts, life insurance trusts, wills, and the formation of ancillary entities, such as limited liability companies
  • Income, gift, estate and generation-skipping tax planning for individuals and families
  • Gifting programs, which include the formation of educational and irrevocable trusts
  • Planning for incapacity, including utilization of Powers of Attorney for property and health care

“Estate Planning 101” summarizes several estate planning concepts and provides background information to help prepare you for discussions with your attorney. Click here for more details.

Post-Death Administration

The Firm has broad experience in offering expert guidance to trustees and beneficiaries in administering and effectuating estate plans after the passing of a loved one. Our attorneys listen closely to our clients, striving to be sensitive to their concerns as we navigate through a complex and difficult process.

Our attorneys represent trustees and executors in the administration of trusts and estates, including:

  • Full and summary probates of a decedent’s estate
  • Proper administration of trusts including sub-trust funding
  • Implementation of living trusts, life insurance trusts and wills
  • Administration of charitable trusts
  • Fiduciary accountings
  • Estate administration questions
  • Collection and allocation of trust assets
  • Leasing or sale of real property in trust
  • Disputes regarding trust assets, terms or liabilities